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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Medicaid pay for medical travel?
The federal government makes reimbursement dollars available to qualified Medicaid patients traveling for approved medical care. These funds specifically cover overnight lodging near the medical center, travel and meal cost up to a specified state per diem rate.

Will Private Insurance cover the cost of medical travel?
For the patient traveler with private health insurance, typical coverage applies when the procedure consists of either solid organ transplant or bone marrow transplant.  However, no two polices are alike.  To be assured that coverage exists, contact the customer service number printed on the back of the medical patient’s insurance card and inquire about lodging benefits.

Can the patient traveler get the funds up front to cover the lodging/travel expenses directly from their Medicaid or Insurance Case Worker?
On occasion, Medicaid offices may provide vouchers to offset the expense of gasoline used for approved travel to and from the medical center.  Upon approval, Medicaid will reimburse for lodging expenses once the patient traveler provides authenticated receipts typically occurring after treatment is complete.  Then and only then, will they reimburse the Medicaid recipient for the costs up to the approved and specified amount. Like Medicaid, private health insurance only offers direct patient reimbursement with no funds provided to ease the up-front expense.

Is financial assistance for medical travel available?
Non-profit organizations, offer lodging for patient travelers, and some offer financial assistance. A medical center social worker can help match your traveler to the appropriate agency based upon their needs. 

Hospital Traveler will work with your social worker to help utilize the travel benefits offered through their Medicaid/Private Insurance coverage. The Hospital Traveler coordinates with your medical center to provide lodging, up to the approved amount provided by their Medicaid or Insurance travel benefit therefore eliminating the need to incur the up-front expense assistance for medical travel.

What determines the travel benefits available for Medicaid lodging?  
A Federal regulation dictates the services available to a Medicaid recipient when traveling for approved medically necessary treatment.  

Can medical staff members traveling for business travel or attending a conference use for this service? 
Yes, our service is available to you the medical staff member whether you are going to a medical conference, or simply traveling for medical business.  All medical travelers can take advantage of our guaranteed lowest hotel and airfares.

Still Have Questions?

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